A selection of recent conference talks and keynotes on digital, design, culture, and museums.

Interrogating Sydney’s Cultural Data
(GLAMSLAM, Sydney, 2020)

Cultural Heritage, Art and Technology
(19th Biennial Copyright Law & Practice Symposium, Sydney, 2019)

The Museum Program and the Survival of the Future
(Australian Museums and Galleries Association Keynote, Alice Springs, 2019)

Are we Designing the Designers our Future Needs?
(REMIX, Sydney, 2019)

Museums with friends: 
Using digital to create social, playful experiences
(MuseumNext, Sydney, 2019)

Art, Creativity, Ethics, and Artificial Intelligence
(MOVE Symposium, Sydney Design Week, 2019)

Blockchain for Museum
(Museum Computer Network Conference, Denver, U.S.A., 2018)

Location-aware content: What does it take?
(COMPASS Conference, San Francisco, 2018)

Our Digital Future
(Digital Directions, Canberra, Australia, 2018)

Strategies for Digital / Content / Experience at SFMOMA
(REMIX, New York, U.S.A., 2018)

On Museums, Digital and Time (video)
(National Digital Forum Keynote, Wellington, New Zealand, 2017)

Digital, Design and Storytelling
(City Gallery Wellington, New Zealand, 2017)

Museum Mean Tweets (video)
(Museum Computer Network Ignite, Pittsburgh, U.S.A., 2017)

How SFMOMA made it’s audio-first, location aware app (video)
(MuseumNext Keynote, Melbourne, Australia, 2017)

#MCN50 Voices Keir Winsmith & Ed Rodley (video)
(Museum Computer Network video chat, YouTube, 2017)

Art + Data: Building the SFMOMA Collection API
(Museums and the Web, Chicago, 2015)

Mediated Experiences: Technology and Art Today
(South by South West, Austin, 2015)