It’s not always easy to know which piece of content will resonate with your audience. However, in my experience it’s content that is a mixture of novel and authentic, captured in a way that reveals something usually unseen. The time lapse I created of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s George street facade – as builders remove the scaffolding that has obscured it for many months – an example of this.

Although I only twitted the link once, it was retweeted a number of time and lead to 8 new followers, a good metric of success for a single tweet.

Sam Marshall, the architect behind the new wing that the MCA built in 2012, let me know when the builders were about to remove the scaffolding that covers the new facade. I rigged up a GoPro Hero camera to shoot every minute for a week. The camera is sticking out a second story window across the street from the MCA and, yes, that’s a rope holding it in place – it was very precarious.

Once the SD card was full, I took the camera down and created a series of time lapses as the building work was sporadic over a number of days. I edited the best bits together to create the following. It’s better with sound.

Parts of this video were inserted into a much larger (and much more fun) piece on the entire expansion project for the Museum of Contemporary Art that we put together. In particular, I enjoyed working with the tilt-shift camera process with video.