A selection of books, chapters, articles and conference papers on digital, design, culture, and museums.


The digital future of museum book cover
The Digital Future of Museums: Conversations and Provocations by Keir Winesmith and Suse Anderson (Routledge, March 2020)
Digital GLAM Handbook Cover
I have a chapter in the amazing The Routledge International Handbook of New Digital Practices in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Heritage Sites edited by Hannah Lewi, Wally Smith, Dirk vom Lehn, Steven Cooke (Routledge, 2019)
Full text available
Anish Kapoor: Living Catalogue (Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, 2013)


In March 2008 I submitted my dissertation Iterative Aesthetics: Computer-Mediated Interactive Artmaking to the College of Fine Arts, at the University of New South Wales, for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Media Arts. Available as a PDF -> Iterative Aesthetics.


Mapping Future Brisbane (full project site)
(State Library Queensland, 2020)

Mapping Future Brisbane Part 1: Tracing the past
(State Library Queensland, 2020)

Mapping Future Brisbane Part 2: Shaping the future
(State Library Queensland, 2020)

Using Machine Learning to write my museum conference keynote title
(Medium, 2019)

Talking through Stamen’s Send Me SFMOMA Data Visualization
(in conversation with Eric Rodenbeck, stamen.com, 2018)

Against Linked Open Data
(Medium, 2017)

After AAM: Recent readings on diversity, equity and inclusion in museums
(Medium, 2017)

How do successful collaborations start?
(Medium, 2016)

On Collaboration: SFMOMA and Adobe Rethink the Selfie
(sfmoma.org, 2016)

Building the new www.sfmoma.org 
(sfmoma.org, 2016)

Digital Strategy According to Museum Technology Conferences
(Medium, 2015)

Art + Data: Building the SFMOMA Collection API
(Museums and the Web, 2015)

Why build an API for a Museum Collection?
(sfmoma.org, 2015)

How Do Institutional Philosophies Manifest in Online Collections?
(sfmoma.org, 2015)

Open systems, loosely coupled: Creating an integrated museum eCommerce system for the MCA
(Museums and Web, 2013)

Day of the Figurines: A slow narrative-driven game for mobile phones using text messaging (PDF)
(International Symposium on Pervasive Gaming Applications, 2007)

Real-time, head-tracked 3D audio with unlimited simultaneous sounds (PDF)
(International Conference on Auditory Display, 2005)

Informing the Everyday Interface: Exploring User Content Relationships in Interactive Art
(Creativity and Cognition Symposium, 2004)

From transmission to multiplicity: interactive art installations as a site for research
(12th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 2004)

Rewarding the Viuser: A Human-Televisual Data Interface Application (PDF)
(Virtual Systems: Multimedia, 2003)