A bunch of links from my talk at the 2022 AMaGA Victoria forum

  1. Pat is “Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme.”
  2. Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing 273, 1975
  3. Bitcoin consumes ‘more electricity than Argentina’ BBC
  4. A $350,000 Bored Ape NFT was just sold for only $115 Block Crypto
  5. Picasso’s Granddaughter and Her DJ Son Want to Mint 1,010 NFTs Based on the Artist’s Work ArtNet
  6. NDF2017 Keynote: Keir Winesmith (video)
  7. Computers as Theatre by Brenda Laurel
  8. Legible City by Jeffrey Shaw, Dirk Groeneveld, Gideon May, Lothar Schmitt, Charly Jungbauer and Huib Nelissen
  9. See Banff! by Michael Naimark
  10. Osmose by Char Davies
  11. Conversations by Dennis Del Favero, Ross Gibson, Ian Howard, Jeffrey Shaw, Matthew McGinity, Keir Winemith, Joachim Tesch, Teewon Tan, Craig Jin, Andre Van Schaik, Dennis Lin and Alan Kan
  12. CARNE y ARENA by Alejandro G. Iñárritu
  13. PlaySFMOMA
  14. PlaySFMOMA Mixed Reality Pop-Up Arcade (event)
  15. Marshmallow Laser Feast
  16. Using Machine Learning to write my museum conference keynote title by Keir Winesmith
  17. Mapping Future Brisbane State Library QLD
  18. The Met x Microsoft x MIT The Met Museum
  19. Identifying art through machine learning MoMA
  20. Google Arts and Culture #Selfie App Inherits Art World Disparities KQED
  21. Google’s “Arts & Culture” Is Being Called Racist, But The Problem Goes Beyond The Actual App Bustle
  22. AI Art at Christie’s Sells for $432,500 NY Times
  23. Kate Crawford on twitter
  24. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Channel
  25. NGV Channel
  26. Sydney Opera House Stream
  27. National Gallery On Demand
  28. MOCA on YT
  29. The SFMOMA’s New App Will Forever Change How You Enjoy Museums WIRED
  30. Seeing through sound: A new approach to the audio tour National Gallery
  31. History of the world in 100 objects BBC / British Museum
  32. Stuff the British Stole ABC
  33. Culture Track
  34. National Gallery of Australia to return stolen artefacts to India in its single largest repatriation of art ABC
  35. Sydney Culture Data Salon
  36. Zotero
  37. CEO Digital Mentoring Program
  38. The Digital Future of Museums: Conversations and Provocations by Keir Winesmith and Suse Anderson
  39. Gender Equity at the National Gallery
  40. The NGA’s gender ‘plan’ is a massive exercise in virtue signalling SMH
  41. Undermining the NGA’s gender equity plan is profoundly cynical also SMH
  42. The Aboriginal Memorial at the National Gallery
  43. Remember, don’t do NFTs
  44. drkeir on Twitter