….from “The Museum Program and the Survival of the Future”

To save you from taking pictures of my slides and to save me from placing URLs over the pictures, here are links to all the amazing projects and people I’ll reference today.


Learning net protocolity:

Using Museums: A Connection or Call:

Australian technologies where sustaining lights in names for the halon public exhibit:

Institutions in the Post Museum:

Something the partnerships of changing museums and how are we need to make them?:

The cool thing about humans and their use of the internet is that we can build on each other’s ideas. Without people creating, documenting and sharing the work above very little of what I do would be possible or, indeed, interesting. So, thanks.

The above were referenced in my talk The Museum Program and the Survival of the Future at the Australian Museums and Galleries Association national conference in May, 2019. The reason the section titles are so strange is that I created a very simple machine learning AI and had it write them for me, natch.